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Re / Composition (Cover Album) / Lillies and Remains



01. The Wait (Killing Joke Cover) 02. The Cutter (Echo & The Bunnymen Cover) 03. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (The Smiths Cover) 04. Pike (ヒカシュー Cover) 05. Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) 06. Ghostrider (Suicide Cover) 07. The Ruling Class (The Monochrome Set Cover) 08. Damaged Goods (Gang of Four Cover) 09. Jean's Not Happening (The Pale Fountains Cover) 10. Lost Cause (Beck Cover) 11. Everything Counts (Depeche Mode Cover) 海外のお客様はこちらから購入頂けます。 ORDER from over seas↓ https://www.fromjapan.co.jp/special/order/wellcome/MA-562-08931798?item_addr=https://51records.stores.jp/items/6090264dda019c082e3fb81c